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Two Twins and A Truck LLC

High Point-based Two Twins and A Truck always goes the extra mile when moving people and businesses across the state. Founded in 2019, the family-owned and operated company has owners who have spent over a decade in the moving and logistics industries. It serves the Piedmont area, providing clients with high-quality moving standards, personalized services, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Offering a wide range of services from packing and unpacking to loading and unloading, heavy lifting for large items and equipment, delivery, and junk removal, the business has adopted the best practices and methods to ensure safe and efficient relocations.



Meet The Owners

Here are the beautiful faces of the awesome couple that has been building the brand behind Two Twins and A Truck. Since 2019, they served​ the Piedmont Triad looking for ways to go the extra mile for your family or business. Chantel is the sweet soul you may encounter when you call the company. With her background in singing classical music there is no way you do not adore her voice. As the CFO, she handles the finances of this establishment. Inside the homes, you may find Daquan's smiling face leading their team with a servant's heart. As a former UPS supervisor he has adopted the best methods to ensure safety, customer satisfaction and quality. As faithful Christians you can count on this team to serve you the way Jesus would.


These guys are the absolute BEST! It is extremely easy to get an accurate online quote. Communications are professional and timely. The crew were the kind of people you would like to befriend if they weren't such busy workers all the time; a really outstanding group of men Daquan, Ron, Demarcus. They actually made moving a more pleasant experience.


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We are the team to deliver that new couch or dresser into your home. We can also get rid of that old piece of furniture you no longer desire. Contact us now to inquire more about this service.


We provide boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more for packing jobs. Let our experienced team pack your precious items. Contact us now for more info.


With our years of training and experience at UPS as supervisors, we are the best load and unload team to hire. Contact us today  for a free quote.  


Heavy lifting is no easy task for one person, which is why our team is committed to going the extra mile for you. Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Contact us today for your heavy lifting needs.



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Moving Coverage and Valuation


Insurance can only be sold by someone trained and licensed to sell insurance. TWO TWINS AND A TRUCK is not trained or licensed to sell insurance, therefore we don’t offer insurance for customers to purchase.
Your mover is liable for the value of the goods you ask them to transport while in their care, custody, and control. There are, however, different levels of liability. Please contact us for valuation options and pricing.


There are two options available to cover loss and/or damages:

BASIC VALUE PROTECTION PLAN. This lower level of value protection is provided at no additional cost. However, it only provides minimal protection that is considerably less than the average value of household goods. The carrier’s maximum liability shall be 60 cents per pound for the actual weight of any lost or damaged articles, if the shipment has been expressly released by the shipper to such value per article. Under this option, a claim for any article that may be lost, destroyed or damaged while in the custody of your mover will be settle based on the weight of the individual article multiplied by 60 cents. For example, damages to an item weighing 400 pounds will result in a maximum claim settlement of $240. Basic value protection provides minimum protection and it is possible that settlement of any claim under this level of this level of valuation will not be satisfactory to you. (MRT Section I, Rule 7, Valuation).

FULL VALUE PROTECTION: The minimum value of the shipment will be $4 times the weight of the shipment. However, you have the right to declare that your shipment has a greater value and pay for that increased protection. If items are lost, the mover will have the options of replacing them of articles of like kind and quality or paying the replacement cost as determined by current market value. If items are damaged the mover will have the same options, plus the additional options of repairing the items or paying the repair costs. All damaged items that are either replaced or reimbursed at full market value become the property of the mover. Under this option, for example, if the total weight of your shipment is 8,000 pounds then the total value of your shipment is established to be $32,000 and the charge for that level of protection will be $240. If you determine that your shipment has a value greater than the $50,000 minimum amount of insurance coverage that the commission requires movers to have, you may want to request written verification of additional coverage from your mover to ensure your shipment will be adequately covered. (MRT- Section IV, Item 18, Full Value Protection).